The Royal Samode.

Samode Palace, a heaven in tranquility is an hour drive away from Jaipur in the hushed Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan. I got to visit this 500 year old heritage while on an assignment, documenting Philip's and Feriel's wedding for them. The Wedding itself was a Wedding Photographer's dream assignment. Set in this enchanting palace they had a pool party, followed by a Christian Wedding ceremony and sit down dinner, followed by a traditional Parsi Wedding ceremony and ending the whole affair with HARLEM SHAKE! The whole event was managed by Garima (The Shaadi Company). Here are a few photos i made of the beautiful Samode Palace and surroundings ... an absolute delight for people looking for a couple of days in of serenity and peace while enjoying the over-the-top Rajasthani hospitality.


The guests receive a warm welcome to the tunes of a soulful Sehnai with garlands and a warm Namaste!

Peace and the bird song intermingle so beautifully here... its hard to tell the difference between the two at times...

And the Aravallis play hide and seek with different parts of the palace... also, this is the part of the palace where the Parsi Wedding Ceremony took place...

The royal interiors of the palace just leave you in awe.

I don't know if its a good thing that i get to visit such awesome places as a part of what i do... or is it bad that i visit such good places but never get to relax as i am almost all the time on my toes, doing what i am here for. But i try and find a little time for myself on these crazily hectic shoot schedules too... helps me focus.

Thank you Phil and Feriel again for making me a part of your Royal Celebrations!