Architecture & interiors by puja kedia

I create photographs of interior and exterior architecture for designers & architects. With a trained eye for design, the understanding of spaces, and the patience to record the precise light, I strive to provide visually stunning photographs that will get the project noticed. My goal is to be a visual storyteller who describes the unfolding of a space by using my camera and creativity.

“I have known Puja for nearly a year now and she has done architectural documentation of a few projects of mine viz. The Centre Court Restaurant, The Butterfly House, Saga Furniture Mall, and most recently our new office premise Samanvay. What runs through consistently in the experiences is the passion to do well and the sensible understanding of the spaces, to go with her amazing sense of composition. She has the nag of looking at thing / space from the most unusual perspectives such that the picture often starts becoming better than the actual thing / space.”

- Snehal Shah

a few of the questions I get asked most often...

please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions that are not answered here. I hope to hear from you soon!

Why should I document my projects?

The old cliché 'a picture is worth a thousand words' cannot be understated here. Its all about showcasing your project and telling your story. These images can be the cornerstone of your marketing and will be used in various media such as case studies, publications, proposals and awards submissions. It is about investing in an archive that will help build your brand and establish the right first impression to the prospective clients.


Photographs from the previous projects should be a major part of your overall marketing plan and can help you across platforms such as case studies, website, social networking and awards submissions. These professionally done photographs will provide the impact that you need.

Have you gone through some formal training/education in the field of architectural Photography?

Yes. I have done a my Diploma in Photography with Life And Light Academy, Ooty. And I have specialised in Architectural and Food Photography.

Why should I hire a specialist architectural photographer?

As an architect, you spend countless hours perfecting the intricate details of a design, hoping that everyone involved in the project will transfer these with the same meticulous detail into the final build. You critically evaluate every space, every plaster join and every sliding door mechanism to ensure that it is executed just as it was intended. Why then after all of the effort would you not hire a specialist photographer to promote your project? A photographer who can take the final build and photograph it in such a way that does not just compliment but enhances your design!

Architecture photography is extremely technical and hard to master. It requires not only an understanding of photography but an understanding of spaces. The combination of lighting, specialised camera equipment, training and many interactions with architects provides an architectural photographer with the perfect skill set to interpret and perfectly document your design.

What is the procedure that you follow for architectural documentation?

The process i generally follow for Architectural Documentation is as follows -

Step 1 - Reiki Day - I will visit the site with you to understand your preferences and how you want the documentation to be and will spend a day at the site understanding lighting conditions and do a small reiki shoot.

Step 2 - Shoot Days - I will then document the site which will take me a day or two. (depending on your requirements)

Step 3 - I will submit all the low res photos to you with my recommendation. You have select the photos you want to get processed.

Step 4 - I will post process all the photos selected by you and deliver them to you at the earliest.

What will it cost?

My fee largely depends on the size of the project, scale of the coverage and the extent of associated expenses. Please contact me for a price estimate specific to your project.

If you are looking to establish an ongoing relationship I will be happy to put together a pricing proposal for you that reflects your specific requirements.

Do we work out a specific shot list together?

As part of the initial consultation I will discuss your ideas and requirements with you. If you have specific shots or features that you would like highlighted, it is best to mark them out during the initial consultation. This can also be discussed during the site visit.

In addition to the images that you have anticipated, I will often find additional views to describe the light and space and present them to you for selection.

Should the architect be on site for the shoot?

Ideally it is good to have the architect or someone else from the firm onsite to aid in shoot decisions and site preparation. But if this is not possible, a pre-shoot walk through will suffice.

What planning is needed for the shoot?

After the scope of the assignment has been discussed and the estimate is approved, we will work together to book a suitable date for the shoot. You need to take the permission for me to document the site. Also I will make a checklist for you after the first Rekie Shoot, that will be site specific and we can follow that up for a hassle free shoot.

When will the client get to see the photographs?

Every photographer works a little differently. My practice is to provide the clients with a proof of roughly sorted images for selection within a week following the shoot. You are then to select the images you need as a part of final documentation.

After you submit your selection, I will start the final edit, which includes colour balancing, image enhancement and retouching. It will then take me 4-6 weeks to hand over the final post-processed images to you. All final files are provided print-ready.

Final files are supplied in three different formats:

Low Resolution JPEGs with Watermark - Internet and Email use
High Resolution JPEGs - General Print Use
High Resolution TIFs - High-End Printing and Award Submissions.