Weddings By Puja Kedia

My personal style for shooting Weddings is a good mix of both documentary and editorial styles of photography. So while I love documenting the smallest details of the Wedding, I also ask the bride and the groom to give me about an hours time on the Wedding Day to make gorgeous, casually posed images of them together. I document for the bride and the groom, the memories they would want to preserve for a lifetime. And what really keeps me going is the fact that I love delivering happiness in such a fun and creative way!

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"Well, to put in one word Puja is 'AMAZING'! Rarely do we find photographers detailing every small bit: from the theme, to the dressings, to selecting the venue & setting it up early in the morning; you have done it all. A Big Thank you for giving us such beautiful memories.  

The couple shoot that happened actually changed the perception of my husband who thought he could not pose. By the end of the shoot we both know how Pro he had become. The photos have come up so well. I think it is the friendly approach that you have; that made us feel so comfortable during the entire shoot, the same is reflected in the photos too.

Thank you once again Puja! Keep up the good work."

MaiTRi Contractor

"We have recently got our wedding covered by Puja... While doing the shoot of our video we were quite nervous as i am usually a very camera shy person, so when we had gone to this place for the shoot.. We had to dance and shout and run amidst this farm, it was quite awkward n weird situation for me but having Puja by our side it all became so easy cuz she made us so comfortable by herself doing all those funny acts and leaving us alone while shooting so that we don't become conscious.. She sent her crew from there and was standing alone to cheer us up..

Also in our wedding, she was not dependent on her crew for the shots but she herself was very religiously present and clicking in all the functions ..In life, we rarely come across such people who not only do their work sincerely but also enjoy their work.. In all, it was an awesome experience to work with such a dedicated photographer."

Vikas Chawla

"It was an extraordinary experience to have worked with Puja. Parth and I got our pre wedding shoot done from her and ours being a love marriage, Puja very profoundly portrayed our love story with her remarkable shots and fresh ideas. Her amiable and frank nature made us feel very comfortable and enthusiastic for each and every click.

Starting from the very first shot to the final editing she had been so patient which forces me to say that if you want your love to be picturized then Puja Kedia is the name you should look out for.

Thank you Puja , once again for getting the best poses out of us!
All the very best for all your further endeavours ."

Jill Gala

"Puja, you are a 'Happiness Factory' and churn out memories of a lifetime! Could not have been happier with the memories you made for us :)"

Shirin Maan