CROW - Navratri Collection!

There are certain assignments that excite me a tad too much & CROW is one of them, the pictures displayed here are from the recent shoot i did for them to showcase their latest Navratri collection :)

The clothes have a sense of versatility and though being Indian attire they exude modernity in just the right amount.

Did this shoot at two different locations.. firstly at Adalaj ni Vav, Ahmedabad and other at Dutch Cemetery, Surat. I chose these two archaic locations, because the rustic walls and the fanciful architecture gave the right edge i was looking for for this shoot.

CROW has always been selective for the kind of colours and fabrics they use.. so my approach was to use minimalistic yet chic props and not to go over the top with the make up and hair, so as to keep the garment "The Hero" of the photographs.

I have worked with CROW before as well, and strong connections with Shaila gave me big window to explore and try new things which is one of the reasons for such amazing outcomes.

When I look at the pictures, they are just the way i imagined in my head and a good team comes in handy to pull off shoots like these :)

Shot for : CROW
Model: Alisha Prajapati & Juhi Sahani
Styling: Shaila
MUA: Alisha Prajapati & Aditi Ahuja
Support team: Surbhi Dawar & Niharika Suneja