In between documenting weddings and endless editing sessions a small break was overdue and there it was an opportunity for the grabs an ultimate staycation Biksthang Heritage Farmhouse, Sikkim. At an altitude of about 4100 feet, this captivating sanctuary was a dream for us. Built in 18th Century by Sharkahlon family as a safe haven from the invaders, stands upright to this day. The estate was humongous and I for one was in a serious state of FOMO but as a rule I avoid taking my camera gear on holidays and so did not set my iPhone down even for a minute throughout the trip. So take a look at this beautiful getaway through lens of my iPhone 7. 


Colourful windows and these precised carvings reflected the soul of their culture and diversity. 


The main entrance to the House called the Gomjore with traditional pillars made of a whole block of wood which stands to this day untouched and it's beautiful interiors with hand painted stone brick walls was indeed fascinating

The natural render of the sky and the captivating scenery did not let me put my phone down even while enjoying a dip in the infinity pool 

Every direction my eyes moved to there was a beautiful piece of nature right there to surprise me.


waking up to a breath taking view from the cottage window was a bliss... 

Peak - a - boo!! :) (The Peak of Kanchanganga)

Peak - a - boo!! :) (The Peak of Kanchanganga)

The owners were this beautiful couple with one man army AKA the sweet caretaker OT and his side-kick pet st. bernard named Bolt. 

The Buddhist Prayer Flags of Sikkim placed at strategic high points while dancing in the wind, merge seamlessly with the skyline.

Amigos had a splendid time making momos, enjoying spa sessions and strolling around in drizzly rain.

It hard not to notice the beautiful carving and hand painted walls and wood... just could not help myself from taking some potraits.

Healthy eating was almost the plan but these lip smacking local delicacies were ... oh! so good.

Everything happens for a reason and so did this amazing trip... So long until next! 

Until next time...

Until next time...