Gratitude #Website_Relaunch

This happens to be my fourth year of doing photography professionally and the third year since i was using the old website to showcase my work. In last four years, so much has changed... what started as a solo mission for me now involves 4 full-time team members and a lot of freelance creatives who are hired on the individual project basis. I see the industry moving at such a fast pace that just plain simple photos will not cut it anymore... clients want more! They want Videos too! Photobooks too! They want to see your personality... your character in photographs you make! Everything is super personalised with attention to the minutest details! New ideas every day... and our old website was just not doing it for us anymore.

So we decided to put ourselves in the client's chair. Looked comprehensively at everything we were doing as a team and decided to redo the website to reflect the present and the future of what Puja Kedia Collective has to offer.

From the very beginning we knew that redesigning the site is a herculean task keeping in mind the already never ending and ever pending work schedule, millions of minute details that will have to be looked into, thousands of photos to sort to finalize portfolio galleries, etc. And after a month of hard work, discussions, designing, doing, redoing, customising... I feel super proud to see how the site has turned up :) From brainstorming of the concepts to actually putting ideas into codes, The Collective has done a marvellous job (pat on our back !!).

From being in the studio for hours discussing layouts, to making perfect shots which would go perfectly with the words, to just looking at the ceiling pretending to think, to sitting on our pop coloured furniture and munching on snacks; we really did a lot of work at a really good pace. The idea of a "new" site brought endless joy and excitement to every one of us involved.

With new ideas kicking in and feeling happy high, we undertook new projects - "The Desk Project" and "Headshots" (which were specially conceptualised for this new website). We always strived to keep everything very simple and minimalistic with the never ending anticipation to make things awesome! 

As we kept checking off the to-do boxes, the anticipation turned into excitement. Our portfolio now had 62,702 (clicked/edited/delivered) photographs and going through all of them again for relaunching this site felt "something" that is hard to put in words :)


This post is to express gratitude to everyone involved in anyway with the Collective, friends and fellow creatives who were and are a part of what we do daily, well-wishers who inspire us to achieve more and clients who put their faith in us. Thank You guys for always being there :)

Much Love,


PS - You can read about the Website Launch from two years ago here -