pujakedia.com is now LIVE!

I have waited one whole year for this post. As long and as hard the wait has been, the end result is much more rewarding!


pujakedia.com is now LIVE! 

So go on... take a look around... There are fun little surprises and things to be found. My favorite parts are - Architecture Gallery, The Blog Section (this!) and #ByTheSea Project under the Personal Projects Section. I will soon be re-vamping the Weddings section (a lot of new work needs to be uploaded). Also you can subscribe to regular mailers from this blog by clicking the Subscribe! button on your right (please do! i promise i will keep posting regularly :p )

On the last note... i really want to thank everyone (friends, family, clients) without whom this would not have been possible. Thank You all for keeping faith! 


P.S - Dreams do really come true :)