An Open Letter to @Fotowala

(This was posted as a Facebook Note on July 4th 2012. To view the original post please click here.)

I had written this letter/thank you note in Feb, just after I reached Surat after interning with you. Did not email it because I thought would hand-write it and send it across (thought a hand written letter is a photograph in words). I really wish I had done that right away... Was really busy those days & it got delayed & delayed & delayed...

Was reminded of this note again today... & thought I would not find a better day to send this message across.

Happy Birth Day !!!  יום הולדת שמח

I am publishing this open letter here... for everyone to know what a wonderful human being you are... & I would be forever indebted to you for teaching me so much about photography in particular and life in general.

The Note -

"Its been quite a journey with you for last couple of months & a great learning curve for me. I want to tell you that there are very few people left in this world who are still so genuine. Genuine to their work; genuine to their family; genuine to their kids & genuine to their clients. You are one of them. Please don’t ever change!

You were a mentor, guide, philosopher, boss & a friend to me for these last few months & you fit into all those roles perfectly and effortlessly. Above all you knew when to be a boss; when to be a friend; when to be a guide and when to do nothing and let me figure out a way. Thanks for doing everything you have done for me. I have not only returned with the knowledge and experiences you shared with me but also with lots of beautiful memories which i will always cherish. I am a better person now, thanks to you.

I still am amazed at how you would open up your heart and share all the insights and philosophies and also let me shoot the way i wanted too... giving me all the freedom yet watching me and correcting me whenever required. You actually put "Professional" in Professional Photographer !!! If there is one photographer i look upto; its you. I am glad that i found you and was lucky enough to have you as a mentor and a guide and above all a friend for these last few months. Thank You.

Give my love to Shefi, Liah, Eva & Amber

Loads of love and hugs


PS - Really looking forward to the book and would come to Goa to get my signed copy once it is out :P