Not Right Is Not Wrong. #RulesOfPhotography #Composition

(This was posted as a Facebook Note on July 4th 2012. To view the original post please click here.)


In photography... as in life... the opposite of hot is not cold !!! It is not-hot. We at times fail to understand this difference. The opposite of Right is not Wrong... It is not-right. And Not-Right is not wrong. Its different.

For example knowing the rules of photography (The rules of Composition, The rule of one-third, balancing elements, symmetries) is good...but one should learn to follow one's heart. I see many hobbyists giving over importance to these so called rules of photography and failing to listen to their hearts ultimately ending up producing similar/mundane images. If your image is not as per these rules; there is nothing wrong. Photography is a science (with so called laws) yes! but it is also an art (of expression). Every photo you click should correspond to a feeling inside you.


I would like to keep this post short and simple (#FoodForThoughtTypes). Try and find different angles... Try and look for uncommon frames... Don't look too much into these so called rules... Click the shutter when your heart and head scream "CLICK". Do not let any rule tell you otherwise.