People really need to understand the term - "Vacation Pictures"

(This was posted as a Facebook Note on July 4th 2012. To view the original post please click here. )

 People really need to understand the meaning of the term "Vacation Pictures". Here is what it seems to mean from the pictures I see on FB and otherwise -


"Here is me in front of the Eiffel Tower... Here is my husband... Here is me picking my nose... Here is my husband... Better still - Here is me hugging a lamp post... Here is... " I hope you get the point.

The focus of the "vacation" pictures is not supposed to be you. It is supposed to be the place you are visiting... the culture you are experiencing... the food you are relishing... If in more than 50% of your pictures you are occupying more than 30% of the frame then I am afraid to say that you are doing it WRONG !!!

Through your photos/pictures your family and friends want to experience the place and the culture you have had the pleasure of experiencing... but in every picture the poor souls end up looking at YOU. (incidentally in some cases you are also sitting in front of them when this happens) So where is the fun ???

Also when on a vacation a lot of what you see actually depends on what are you intending to Photograph. For example I am sure a lot of people will agree with me when I say that when you intend on photographing culture/people/traditions of the place you are visiting, you end up observing/noticing a lot more than otherwise.

So next time you are clicking a picture... remember... You are the center-piece of every picture... But from behind the camera !!!


Acknowledgement - The thought was initiated after reading a tweet from @UnrealBride