Engagement Ceremony : Pooja + Dhruv

Celebrations for Pooja & Dhruv (and family) have just started with an Engagement Ceremony @ Golden Beach Resort, Daman. They are to tie the knot in January 2014 at Sun City,Surat. A brief photo-story of the evening -

Pooja & Dhruv used to study in the same college in Pune. Their parents were family friends and thats how they came to know each other... Friendship soon turned into a fascinating relationship with time spent together, turning them both into the super cute couple they now are.

Pooja looked elegnant in her peach dress while Dhruv was looking handsome in his purple jacket designed by Troy Costa. Their entire event was planned on western theme, where they had a super entry with the Pooja's sister Daina and her cousins dancing there way in the hall along with the Bride-To-Be and Groom-To-Be. They exchanged their rings and had champagne is their super cool 'dressed up' glasses and then danced to the tunes of "Tum Hi Ho" (heart-warming!). The highlight of the evening was Pooja giving a surprise picture-memory-video of her and Dhruv.

I was honored to be a part of their celebrations couldn't have been happier working with such an amazing couple!

Pooja splurged on a beautiful peach gown while Dhruv donned a purple jacket designed by Troy Costa... a weekend trip to Mumbai proved to be a fashion success :) They paired perfectly with each other.


The Bride-To-Be Getting Ready -


And this is one of my favorites from the evening -  

Then we did a small portrait session... and the pictures have turned out great! (primarily because of the awesome chemistry between the couple !!!) 

Super Super cute couple! This is how they entered the party venue - 

The whole event was planned with attention to smallest of details. These Champagne glasses are the best example - 

The part where they played the photo-story video for Dhruv by Pooja... so much mush! 

... and the evening was spent celebrating a perfect day for two people who deserve nothing less... 

Many heartfelt congratulations to Pooja and Dhruv... and thank-you guys for making me feel so darn special along the way :)