Awesome August '13 !!!

August like July and June saw me working 10-12 hours a day with just 2-3 off days for the whole month... but as I write this blog I feel an overwhelming sense of joy and satisfaction for all the work I have done in the past months. I can not thank my clients enough for all the variety in work that comes along my way. Here is a small recollection of all the projects I did in August, new gear I added and a small note on whats coming up in September.

RnB Denims (Industrial Shoot) -


The best part and the worst part of this shoot was the long drive to Palsana (Its exactly 25 kilometers from my place courtesy Google maps). I loved the long drive (in my favorite red car) with Radio, Rain and Google Maps giving me good company. This industrial shoot turned into a seriously adventurous shoot with me getting on top of a truck to get the main exterior shot and me climbing 10 feet to get a machine shot.


Important pointer in this industrial shoot for me was to try to work around with the existing lighting conditions and frame the angles such that it enabled me to document the site/machinery without any distortion. This was my first industrial shoot and a great learning experience… would be doing a full blog post on this soon :)

Swar Sangini (Interiors and Architecture) -

This was my 7th site for Utopia Designs, and it becomes a lot easier when you are familiar with client's taste and their work. While shooting Interiors and Architecture for an Architect the most important part is to understand the space the way he has seen/designed it… that’s what he wants you to document…


With experience I have started adding more human touches to the space while shooting Interiors to make it more warm and welcoming. 


Star Jewellery (Jewellery/Products) -

This is a test/sample shot I did for Star Jewellery. I would be shooting a full fledged fashion portfolio for them in September. Also shot a few table top jewellery shots for them. Did a lot of research for the tabletop shots and will share the case-study once I am done editing them.








Model -

Aaliyah Pirzada

Make Up -

Anjali Bachkaniwala

Styling -

Pankti Choksi

S.K Masala (Food Photography) -

Shooting food to be used for packing (for S.K Masala). Food looks the easiest to shoot, but that isn’t the case. In food photography its so important to retain the colours. The challenge is to make it look so good and tempting that you want to eat it right away… It’s a long project where I need to shoot 45 dishes !!! Where we need to do everything from grocery shopping, to cooking, to styling, to lighting and shooting it (not to forget retouching). Not only this the background to shoot on, the vessels to use and things to be used as props in the frame are also critical to a picture and I am blessed to have Pankti to help me with this :) 


Aaryaman (Portraiture) -


Need I say anything more :) Cutest day of the month was spent photographing him and the family. 


This ^ is Kruti assisting me on the shoot.


Ankita + Kushang (Event/Wedding Photography) -

Last month it was Pooja + Dhruv, and this month it was Ankita + Kushang :) I just love documenting couples in love. Here are a few shots i made during their event -


This was not all there were also two new additions to my family in August :) Check - 

20130902_122942_0 (1).jpg

A Pelican Case to keep all my gear !!! Super comfortable to carry and super safe for your gear. Also added a 100 MM Macro F/2.8L IS to my lens kitty. Loved shooting food with this beauty :)


As for September i have made a conscious choice of taking it easy this month after three months of non-stop assignments. Will be finishing/fixing up a few loose ends. A lot of time would be spend on and expect a massive update on the same (a lot of new work needs to be added to the portfolios). Also would be blogging about the P'Traits shoot i did a couple of months back. Looking forward to taking a little time off.

Happy September!