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Bookoholics "Open Session" with Rujuta Diwekar

Event – Open Session with Rujuta Diwekar

Date - 25th July 2015

Organizers – Bookoholics Group (Surat)

Venue – VR Surat

Must Visit for – Book Lovers, Bibliophiles, Writers, Readers

Today's Bookoholics event with the celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar was  completely different than usual author reader meets. The session was quite an enlightening and interactive one, men and a lot of ladies whole heartedly became a part of this and the meet's success could be measured with over filled chairs and people eagerly hearing her out.

The direction in which the session went was "Breaking the Myths", she made some really bold statements such as "You don't exercise to eat good food, you eat good food to exercise" and thereby giving us power foods (ghee, coconut, rice) which drive us towards exercising not because of the fat quotient but because of their pharmacological effects.


She also emphasized on quitting box food and going back to the basic food habits to keep the stubborn fat away and be fit. She firmly believed that bringing small changes in daily routine could bring big changes in the waist line. Also she launched the Gujarati version of her book "Don't lose out, Work out" wearing a beautiful magenta saree draped in Gujarati style.

This was followed by an open question-answer session which was actually the highlight of the whole meet. Almost people from every age group,  teenage girls, to young ladies to middle aged men asked her questions and clarified their personal queries. All in all every member present there took back quite a lot of knowledge, and will surely be doing some exercise (and not just morning walks) to turn themselves into healthy and fit beings they always desired to be. 


The #LifeInSurat Blog.

Words By Niharika    l    Photos By Puja Kedia Collective

Bookoholics Author Reader Meet With Vani

Event – Author-Reader Meet with Vani Kaushal

Date - 5th July 2015

Organizers – Bookoholics Group (Surat)

Venue – Crossword, Surat

Must Visit for – Book Lovers, Bibliophiles, Writers, Readers

Bookoholics meet happened on the 5th of July at Crossword Surat and was an absolute delight for the readers and book lover present.

Bookoholics had VANI KAUSHAL, petit Punjabi lady who travelled all the way from Chandigarh to be amongst book lovers of Surat and talk about her debut novel - "THE RECESSION GROOM"

What made the meet really unusual was Vani whole heartedly gave every literature lover present a fair outlook of what it takes to be an author and how much work one needs to put in be it virtual/online or out in the field from writing a story you want the world to read to getting the manuscript published and marketing efforts that come after it. There was an open interactive session on - "How to sell that Idea".


She also told readers about her first novel - "The Recession Groom". As the name suggests the plot it is weaved around the problem of recession with a thick hint of Punjabi humour going in the background and of course an eternal love story with recession affected groom on the cover page to bind it all.
The meet was fun filled as Vani brought along a vibe which was hard to beat and kept all the listeners stuck to their seats.

We hope to meet her again with the squeal to this book which she is almost through with and wish her success and great luck. 

The #LifeInSurat Blog.

Words By Niharika    l    Photos By Mohit & Puja