Talks About Design!


Event: Talks About Design 

Conducted By: Rohan Nanavati, Kunal Lapsiwala, Rajarshi Smart

Venue: VNSGU - Fine Arts Department

Covered By/Blogger: Hetvi Choksi

Photo Courtesy: Kaushal Thakkar


And, they talked about Design!

Surat’s art and design fraternity witnessed it's first ever, session on Design and Typography by the design honchos of the city, – Rohan Nanavati  (Roar Studios) and Kunal Lapsiwala, Supported by Rajarshi Smart  (Department head - Fine Arts - VNSGU ). We were quite astonished looking at the diverse audience, that consisted of the Fine Arts Students of VNSGU, to the Event Managers, the Photographers, the Website/App creators to also the housewife segment of the city! Considering the tile "The story of Design and Typography”, we had expected this to be some sought of a factual class, but it came out to be a fun group discussion session :) 

Guys this is my first ever try at such a session, I have been planning to conduct such a lecture ,or a workshop, on design, since a long time. Hope you’ll will like it.", said Rohan, the man behind Roar Studios... Well, Rohan we suggest you should not only plan, but implement your noble plans for the betterment of Surtis ;) His Session “The History of Graphic Design" brought focus on the history and evolution of graphic design amongst various eras of art like Art Noveau, Dadaism, Pop art etc. It covered the evolution of hand paintings to the current era’s digital art and printing techniques. Not sure about the designers, and the performing students, but this was too much of cognizance for “non- design background people" like me. The examples and the logos were aptly earmarked and made it quite interesting.

The second session was “The Typographic Effect” by Kunal. This was all the more fun as Typography, is something that all of us encounter in our day today life , and everyone present there could relate to it. He told us about how the fonts evolved , from the black letter, to the roman letter, to the Serif and the San Serif, Script etc. He brought emphasize on the fonts and how each brand used the fonts in different ages and how a font is important for a particular brand, considering its brand image. The best part about this session was the video by "Ben Barrett-Forrest”, that was played and the “Identify the font type” game!

All we have to Say is “Three cheers" for Rohan, Kunal and Rajarshi. Looking forward to more such meets in the future.

P.S. : Fine Arts department -VNSGU , will be organizing art meets on every Wednesday and Art movies’ showcase on Thurdays, Kindly contact the PA-department if you are interested