Pooja + Dhruv - The Wedding.


This for me was by far THE WEDDING of this season. Not because it was at some fancy destination... not because the sets were extraordinarily huge... not because it was attended by big bollywood celebrities... no none of those reasons. But because i was with them EVERY step of the way. I documented their Engagement (click here to view that post), I did a themed couple-shoot session for them, and then I was with them for the complete four day celebration that their wedding was. Had such a strong connect with them that they wanted to take me to their honey-moon... to which i politely declined :(

These are a few images i made for them at various ceremonies -

Mendhi -

This was two days before the Wedding. Pooja had Harin Dalal doing her Mendhi. And he is an Artist in the true sense! Have documented Harin's work earlier too and every time it is unique. Check it out the images below -

Mendhi is a big celebration and marks the start of the wedding festivities!

The Pre – Wedding Ceremonies (Vidhi) -

The other Pre-Wedding Ceremonies or Vidhis as they are called before a Gujarati Wedding are - Griha Shanti, Pithi (Haldi) & Padlu. Each has its own importance and each has its own set of customs.

Sangeet -

We sneaked out before the Sangeet and did a small impromptu couple shoot at the Science Center. These are the images we made -

The Bride Getting Ready And Bridal Portraits -

This without a doubt is the part i enjoy shooting the most! And when the Bride is as beautiful as Pooja, it makes the job for me and the make-up artist (Rahul Shah in this case so much easy!)


From a photographers point of view :)

And then just as she was about to leave, she calls me, holds my hand & says -

"Thank You for everything!"

And its the best compliment ever, being acknowledged by the bride in the single most emotional moment of her life (Vidaai).

The Reception -

A few images from the Reception Ceremony and a small impromptu couple shoot we did.... again!

And this is me signing off and wishing them a very very happy ever after :)