Maitri & Tanay's Pre Wedding Session

#She has an ever smiling face, is extremely outgoing & laughs her heart out on silliest of jokes. 

#He is an introvert, talks with his eyes & has the cutest smile.

And both of them are in LOVE! For their's is a match made in heaven :)





I am very thankful to them for giving me the opportunity to do a couple portrait session for them & make some happy pictures.

The session started with this shot! And i instantly knew that the day was going to go just perfect :)


Maitri was her usual chirpy self and Tanay was really shy but receptive to begin with. As the session progressed, they grew a little more relaxed and it is then that the chemistry started showing in pictures.

Morning session of the shoot went perfect and i love the portraits i made for both of them. Also had planned something special for them in the evening session :) Here is the setup i did for them -

The plan was to let them spend some quality time together and i with my zoom lens was at a fair distance just documenting the good time they were having with each other. And it worked beautifully!

And Maitri, you're beautiful. Really.

And I love each and every picture i made for you guys!

And our shy guy Tanay was a difficult nut to crack. But i guess we guys (me with a LOT of help from Maitri) did good :) Love this picture of him -

I can just keep on adding pictures to this post. Just loved spending the day with you :) And look forward to seeing more of you guys in the future! So let me end this post by the Save-The-Date picture. 

And its your wedding in two days... So here is me wishing all the very best to you guys. And may the future hold lots and lots of happiness and togetherness for you.

All the best for a lifetime of fun and adventure.


(PS - Can not thank Surbhi enough for assisting me on this shoot. She was the Super Star behind all the set production and a big help on the shoot. Love her for all the hard work she puts in.)