InstaMeet 6!

Place – Patang Bazaar at Dabgharwad, Bhagal.

Organizers – Instagram Surat @surat_igers 

Explorers – Instagrammers from Surat

Must Visit Instameets for – Exploring new places with other instagrammers, talk, laugh, click and share moments together. 

Hashtag Used – #IGSpatangbazar


Have you ever heard of Instameet? Yes guys, Instagram is more than an app, it’s actually a growing community of people passionate about photography who meet at certain place which has been pre-planned. It offers another opportunity to connect, whether it is to exchange some photography and gramming tips or to explore a great spot and capture in your camera. 

The most interesting part is discovering the faces behind the usernames whom you’ve been knowing through their feed, their pictures and captions. Instagram communities exist in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Banglore and all around the world. And Surat isn’t staying back too. Instagram Surat (@surat_igers) is a group of Instagrammers in Surat who explore different locations in every Instameet, gradually getting to know each other beyond usernames.

You can also be part of it only by following them on Instagram @surat_igers and join in their Instameets. Instameets occur once or twice in a month and these are one of the mornings that act as refresher for the following days. It is more about enjoying the moments of life and sharing them on Instagram. There is always a unique hashtag for every instameet under which all the pictures are submitted. 

Dabgharwad is a good place for street photography and during Uttarayan season this place is full of colors due to preparations of Maanja (Strings used to fly kites) and kites. 

If you want to be part of Instagram Community of Instagram Surat (@surat_igers), 

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