Celebrating Friendship's Day? #Surat

Okay... so how many of us are above 30 and still remember in advance that its Friendship's Day, day after tomorrow? Ummmmm i didn't and I AM STILL NOT 30 :P

The point being that i always used to remember that the first Sunday of August is special when i was in college... in fact, we used to look forward to it! (Remember those crazy friendship bands we used to trade... or raiding the Archies gallery to find small little tokens/cards for our friends). But as we have grown up... friends still remain important... but Friendship's Day has somehow lost its charm.

A couple of things happened yesterday that reminded me of my college days and "Friendship's Day" days again... first my niece came up to me and asked me if i could do a small photoshoot for her and her group of friends as a friendship's day gift (Yes... happens a lot and i politely declined). And second, just an hour later i got a call from VR that they wanted me to do a Friendship's Day Gifting Guide for them! So i knew what was the right thing to do... i called up my niece and took her with me to VR to buy her presents for her friends :)

This is just a list of things or rather experiences we liked the most from VR. We bought/booked some of them for my niece and her set of friends and i bought some of them for my friends :) Cant tell you how happy i felt buying presents for them... felt like i was back in college! The important thing to remember is that you don't necessarily have to buy your friends expensive gifts... just make plans and spend time with them, thats all what is required. Check out the whole list of experiences you can have at VR below -

Suggestion 1. SVM Bowling

Go Bowling! Have done this with my group of friends a couple of times and it has always been a good experience. VR has a gaming zone too where adults too can have as much fun. Go try it this Friendship's Day!


Gift your group a session... but beware... this is ADDICTIVE!

Suggestion 2. Movie at Inox.

I know I know I know... this is something you guys usually do... watch movies together... But why not make it special this time... Gift your group of Friends a movie treat with Caramel Popcorn at Insignia! Make it the finest movie watching experience in Surat.

P.S - Just do yourself a favor... don't end up watching KICK... cause your friends might end up kicking you :l

Suggestion 3. Just Hog at The Food Box!

Seriously... just go with your group of friends and try all the different varieties of joints in the VR food court. This should be a treat for all the foodies in your group!

Don't forget to try the special delights at the Gourmet West in Westside or the Cookie Man! These two are absolute delights. Bought a few boxes of cookies for my friends but i am not sure i will be able to resist and they will last till Sunday :( 


Also you can try the special Gelato! An extreme delight for ice-cream lovers... and they claim its 96% FAT FREE... what more can one possibly ask for!


Suggestion 4: Go SHOP!

Last but definitely not the least... GO SHOPPING! VR is definitely the best shopping destination in town. Just go and splurge... its therapeutic i am telling you. Be with your best set of friends and let them pick things for you and you can in turn pick things for them. Have a great time. Try it... you will really have fun. 

Okay... these were just my suggestions... what are you planning to do this Friendship's Day? How are you planning to have fun and celebrate with your set of friends?