Shobhan by Mita.

Shobhan by Mita just had its first year anniversary on 1st of May '14. And as a part of celebrations, they plan to have a BIG Week-long Exhibhition from 5th of this month! For the same i was called upon by Mita Aunty to document and shoot a small #LookBook for them :) Goes without saying that i could not have been happier doing it! 

As you enter Shobhan you can feel that every color here has an energy... every tone has something to say... The space that Shobhan is, is one of its kind in Surat and is a perfect blend of the classic and the new... soft and edgy yet smart!

The collection of drapes too, which is hand picked by Mita Aunty herself were so stunning!


This exclusive clothing line is something you have never seen before... Lucknowi, Jamdhani Dhaka, Matka sarees , Unstitched cotton Pintax kurtas, Stiched full suit designer pieces... you name it and it is there!

I took almost twice the time i should have taken for this shoot... because half the time was spent in checking out the unstitched cotton pintax kurtas section (which i guess is only available here in Surat) :P but they were so awesome, could not help it! Check a few shots i did for the #LookBook -


I am definitely spending more here than what i will be getting for this assainment! Cant wait for the Exhibition to begin on the 5th :)

Also... cant finish this post without writing about Mita Aunty -

Something which i am very sure about is that i will never meet a more modest and humble person. How does she manage time to do so much and do everything she does so immaculately is too something i will never be able to figure out... This store is her mirror image. Every corner, every small art piece, every little detail reflects her. And because of her... this is not just another boutique with clothes... its actually a conversation waiting to happen!

Have a look at the #LookBook i did for them -

I will be there first thing in the morning on the 5th. Make sure you are there too! 

Address - Shobhan, 1st Floor, Chandni Chowk, Behind Shardayatan School, Athwa, Surat.

PS - Thank You Saloni Dalal, for not just helping me with this shoot but also with the ideation and content of this blog post!