Because Every Smile Matters #AISEC

This Christmas AISEC turned into Santa for Under Privileged kids and organized a drawing competition - 'Balkalakar' for them. The winners were also offered Scholarships and Team Life In Surat was there to document the fun and frolic they had at this event.

VR Surat turned out to be a perfect platform and teamed up with AISEC and the Balkalakar Team to make the kids feel really special.

VR Surat was really buzzing with activity on the day and kids who turned up to participate were really excited about the whole set of activites AISEC had planned for the evening.

A stage was set up right in the center of VR and kids were given a chance to showcase their talents. Some of them sang, some danced, but more importantly they shed their inhibitions and had too much fun!

The Balkalakar Team also gave away small token of appreciation to kids who came up on stage and to see the joy on their innocent faces on receiving these gifts was a heart warming experience.

And since it was Christmas... Santa had to be there!

The kids were really excited to see Santa with his bell and his bag full of chocolates which he distributed among these kids adding to their delight.

Not just the goodies, Santa offered kids burgers from McDonalds as well! Kids really enjoyed this rare meal to their hearts content.

Three Cheers! for Team Balkalakar, who had big smiles on their faces, for this super initiative and for doing so much for these kids. Small gestures like these go a long way for betterment of society at large. Its nice to know that this youth organization is being so thoughtful with its activities.

The activity ended with happy faces all around. And a big 'Thank-You' to Team Balkalakar and Team VR for letting us witness and document such an unblemished act of love and kindness.

LifeInSurat Team.