Santa Is Coming! #PreChristmas at VR Surat

So the #LifeInSurat team was there to cover the Pre-Christmas festivities at VR Surat! And here is a small post on what VR has to offer Surtis this festive season -

The entrance says it all. We are going to take you through how beautiful VR Surat is looking Pre-Christmas and how V(We) R(are) helping you to be the perfect SANTA this Christmas :)

For years, we have all envied our friends and cousins abroad, who share their ravishing Christmas celebration pictures on Facebook. Thanks to VR Surat, this Christmas, we all Surtis have an opportunity to do the same :P

Start your journey of VR with a customary picture against this huge green Christmas tree, with decorous red hats and golden bells and the silver star.

You know what, we always dig for something different. So we posed against this, not-so-huge-yet-so-elegant tree meticulously designed in a glass wall. Also, when you are here, don’t forget to check out the amazing collection this small counter offers. Some nice chunk jewelry, hair band and belt is all you need to accessorize your Christmas Eve and New Year Eve’s outfit . This guy has it all and that too in a wide range of colors.

What grabbed our attention the most, was this small counter, nicely positioned in the centre of VR Surat, right on the ground floor. This is a heaven for music lovers, nature lovers and history lovers. This counter houses a collection of some nice DVDs on classical and sufi music, nature and history of the world. The best part about this is, you can be your own Santa and gift yourself some amazing DVDs from here. Make the most of this Christmas discount, where they are offering a collection of DVDs worth Rs.9500 for a throw-away price of Rs.4100, and a collection of DVDs worth Rs. 11450 for a rock-bottom price of Rs.4200. There were many such combo offers. Don’t miss checking them all for yourself.


All you men out there, looking for a nice Christmas present for your girlfriends or wives or sisters and are absolutely lost; this one’s for you. Check the amazing winter and party wear collection that ONLY is offering this Christmas.

Also dear ladies, dont worry! If these men don’t buy you anything, you can always be your own Santa :P

VR Surat takes care of everyone! A perfect Santa for your kids to play around and get pictures clicked. While you shop, let your kiddie have his/her own time with friends/siblings.

Dear ladies, don’t get too pre-occupied amidst the fancy decor :P There are brands like Reebok, Indian Terrain and Puma which have updated their stock to cater to men’s winter and party needs. Don’t ignore your boyfriends, husbands, brothers and cool dads too. Be their Santa, show the women power clubbed with tones of love and gifts.

Don’t forget to pose against this glass wall or the ‘Fantasy window’ is what we like to call it :)

At VR Surat, Shoppers Stop is the perfect hub to find gifts for the entire family. On the continuum of toddler’s clothes to perfumes to watches to western outfit for ladies to formal and casuals for men, they have it all. Oh did I mention the cherry on the cake?


VR is also having a Shopping Festival wherein anyone shopping from any store/outlet at VR-Surat for Rs. 2015 and above will be allowed to rotate The Wheel Of Fortune & will be given a lucky draw coupon. Lots of prizes can be won through these coupons like Domestic Trips, Bags, Mobile Phones, Cameras, TVS pep Scooty, Bicycles etc. Bumper prize is a brand new Hyundai Xcent car and international trip to Thailand!

This shopping fest will continue till 19th jan 15

So... VR can be your Santa! And you should be someone’s too :p

After the gifts that you’ve bought for others or self, I’m sure you will be tired. I know VR, Surat is too big to walk around. But, they are kind enough to help you climb up the Food Court and Game Zone for the much needed refreshment. Hog and play and make some memories! 

After all it’s Christmas, it’s time of sharing and caring and loving :)

And it’s just the beginning! Keep coming back for all the updates on Christmas Celebrations at VR.

LifeInSurat Team.