Sharing Is Fun !!! #Bookoholics #OpenMic

Event – Bookoholics Open Mic

Organizers – Bookoholics Group (Surat)

Venue – San Churros

Must Visit for – Book Lovers, Bibliophiles, Writers, Poets

Contributors – Puja Kedia Photography (Pictures), Members Bookoholics Group (Videos)

Bookoholics Group Photo
Bookoholics Group Photo

So Bookoholics Open Mic saw 14 members of Bookoholics Group coming out and sharing super interesting monologues with others... There were poets, photographers, readers, book lovers, travelers, runners... and everyone had something new/different to add to the flavor. This is how the meet was appropriately summarized by Ankur  -

"Where else would you find a lawyer reciting a Ghazal, a CA giving us a glimpse of Premchand's story or a Doctor talking about her passion for running.....or Ayn Rand passage said along with something from Gurucharan Das...the humor of the legendary Wodehouse and the melancholy of a Zaverchand Meghani poem... Some psychology as well to question your thoughts and decisions.... and the description of absolutely breathtaking Zanskar Trek.... The wonderful persons you meet, the interactions, the different perspectives you hear... Its a treat like no other.... Bookoholics - always a pleasure! " - Ankur Maniar.

Following are few of the videos from the Meet -

A) Rohan Panwala and The Bookoholics Thali !!!

B) Avani Vansia reciting the translated 'Koi no ladakvayo' by Zaverchand Meghani, and its original American poem -

C) Mukul Jalan- Reading an abstract from Munshi Premchand's short story - 'Bade Bhaisaab'

( Disclaimer - If you are from CBSE board... this video can take you back in time to your Hindi Texbooks !!!)

D) Tanya Gautam reciting  a poem self penned poem about a destitute person from the streets - Unnamed.

E) Chittaranjan Desai - Photo verse on his Chadar Trek.

F) Amrita Modi with excerpts from PG Wodehouse -

Open Mic at Bookoholics traditionally has been a forum where people have come forward and shared something they like (stories/ poems/ passages/ speeches)... also it has provided a platform to people to share something they have penned down themselves... but this time Bookoholics went a step further... and invited Chittaranjan and Pooja to give us a small talk on their favorite hobbies (photography & running respectively). Aaliyah was the host for the evening.

Do watch the videos and leave a few words of appreciation for the Speaker(s) you liked the most in the comment section below  8) Also share this on your social networks and spread the word!