R&B Denims #IndustrialShoot

Last month i got the opportunity to do my first industrial shoot for R&B Denims Ltd.  (Check their website and my images). This shoot was also special because i was teaming up with Roar Studios... my favourite design house in town (you should totally check out their work on their website).

The task was to document R&B Denims and create content to be used on their website which was being done at Roar. Here are few shots i did for them -


‘R&B Denims’ is the brainchild of the RawatKhedia and the Borana groups, undoubtedly two of the most influential textile houses in the polyester hub that Surat is. Both of these companies have been in this industry of textiles for more than three decades now, and are very well known in their areas of expertise. R&B is being led ahead by a young group of businessmen from both the partner firms. Here are a couple of photos of the promoters -


‘R&B Denims’ has a production capacity of more than 20 million meters per year. This is one of those rare instances where you see the quantity flowing alongside quality.


The huge per annum capacity of the company has only been possible because of the well organized and equipped, as well as sufficiently efficient production plant (with lots of big fancy imported machines :P )


The plant is located at Palsana, roughly 30 kms away from Surat railway station. The best part and the worst part of this shoot was the long drive to Palsana (Its exactly 25 kilometers from my place courtesy Google maps). I loved the long drive (in my favorite red car) with Radio, Rain and Google Maps giving me good company. This industrial shoot turned into a seriously adventurous shoot with me getting on top of a truck to get the main exterior shot and me climbing 10 feet to get a machine shot.


Thank You R&B Denims and Roar Studios for this opportunity.