Portraitures By Puja

A portrait photographer has to fit into many different roles... one has to be a stylist/a camera person/know make-up intricacies/be the venue and props manager and most importantly one has to be a people person.

My goal while photographing people has always been to make sure they have a great time and enjoy having their pictures taken. The end result should not just be awesome pictures but also a great experience all in all.

People Portraits -

Maternity Portraits -

"The pictures are incredible and speak for themselves... I am very happy with the images not only because they turned out exceptional but also because of the amount of understanding shown by Puja towards her subject."

Mruga Vora

Noopur Nritya Academy

"For me, photography is one of the key sources of inspiration. For a personal project I consulted Puja, who has the kind portfolio anyone would be envious of.

Her work achieved the kind of ethereal polish that make you wonder how much of it could possibly be real! All the best for the future dear. Much Love."

Priyam Sapra

Prink Tonic


"Puja was so friendly and easy to work with that the whole shoot was like an outing! Not only the pictures came out outstanding, but the shoot in itself was a beautiful experience."

Harmil Shah