Puja Kedia Collective

A group of artists/mad hatters with Puja. Each one brings something unique to the mix and as a group strive to be effective, proactive and result driven.


 Copywrite Puja Kedia

- living large! taking charge. #QueenBee

- Shoots people for a living

- remembers to forget and forgets to remember

- infected with Travelitis

- Chief Photo Ninja at Puja Kedia Collective




 Copywrite Puja Kedia

- talkative introvert

- Chota Shakeel of Puja

- Brings quirky outfits and quirky humour to the Studio

- Winner of World's Best Wife! (award_category : Nagging)

- Production Head and Studio Manager at Puja Kedia Collective 

- eat, pray, LUST!

- has an extra marital affair with all-things-food

- her sentences end on a completely different dinosaur

- favourite of all the Models we get to shoot at the Collective with.

- Chief Stylist (food & fashion) at Puja Kedia Collective 




- a caffeine based life form

- masks insanity behind those thick rimmed glasses

- *sleep, eat, run* repeat

- pro at parallel parking!

- Chief Photo Critic, The Website Guy, Coolie & Spot Boy at Puja Kedia Collective


- 'pro' in procrastination is her

- hobbies -  breakfast, lunch, dinner & irritating Puja

- Does yoga 8 hours daily!  (shav-aasan)

- putting elation in Public Relations

- Communications Head at Puja Kedia Collective



Circle Of Trust

Collaboration is the key to progressive work. I seek out opportunities to work with organisations looking for fresh perspectives and compelling concepts and am always eager to combine my efforts with others in the spirit of presenting concrete ideas in the best possible way. These are the agencies/individuals i have worked with in the past and are my go-to vendors in their respective fields.

Roar Studios

Design Agency


Nirav Patel

Wedding Cinematography

Shaadi Video Films

Rohan Patel

Hair & Make Up

R & G Saloon


Storybooks / Photo Albums